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When the dark comes rising

Six shall turn it back

The Dark Is Rising Fanworks
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Fanworks and discussions centered around The Dark is Rising sequence
All shall find the light at last, silver on the tree.

Hey guys! And welcome to my multi-purpose The Dark Is Rising fan community. This will run both by the claims system I'm pretty, uh, infamous for promoting (see: over_look and the other communities I run) but also there'll be stuff to try and get participation up, such as challenges and ficathons.

All fanworks are extremely welcome, but especially for challenges and claims. All kinds of characters and pairings are welcome, minor characters as much as major ones, and any kind of bashing will be swiftly squashed, but we do look down on Mary Sues. Our message on both Mary Sues and bashing is: AVOID. We do also allow discussion, but of the intelligent sort. If you see anything on the community which you think is inappropriate, contact me at thebrightspark[at]gmail[dot]com. If in doubt about posting something, ask.

Now the movie is out, I've made the decision to keep this community focused only on the books. If you want fanworks and meta about The Seeker, this is not the community you are looking for.

1. Discussion is good. We like discussion. There are many places to do that already, but that doesn't mean we don't welcome a little more!
2. What we're interested in is intelligent discussion of things such as who exactly the Lady is, whether Barney can actually scry or whether it was just a property of the grail, whether never really means never when it comes to Bran, etc.
3. In the end, I the mod will be the judge of whether something is appropriate. As said above, if in doubt, email me.

General Fanwork Posting
1. You can post whatever you like, i.e. it doesn't have to be for a claim or a challenge.
2. Use the header at the bottom and take out anything that is specific to a claim.
3. Stick the word "non-challenge" in the subject line for non-challenge and non-claim posts to help me keep things organised.
4. If you want to delete a post, email me at the address above first so that I can remove the memory and delete it for you.
5. There is no word minimum or maximum for anything, but fics should be posted here in this community and not simply linked to.
6. One fic per post.

1. These are open as and when I think the community wants or needs one. They may simply offer up a word or short phrase as a prompt, or may choose to focus on a particular kind of pairing or relationship, or even a particular medium. For example, I might challenge the artists to draw "something you would not normally draw".
2. When you do something for a challenge, stick the word "challenge" in the subject line. It helps me put things in the memories.

1. These involve the system of "single character", "couple" and "group" instead of the traditional "character"/"pairing"/"friendship".
2. A single character means, obviously, a claim of a single character. However, you can write or draw this character interacting with whoever you want.
3. Couple seems obvious, but is not. Couple does automatically imply romance, but in this case, if you want to write/draw two characters you've claimed as just friends, you go right ahead.
4. A group claim is a group of however many characters you like, all of whom must appear in your fic if your claim is specific. You can claim three and write threesome fic, or the whole Six and write/draw simple interaction. There's no limit on the group (e.g. you could claim "the Light" or "the Dark"), but I'd suggest if you choose a specific set, four or five characters are usually about as many as you want to be handling at once.
5. You may claim only three things at once, to keep things fair (on me, of course). The same claim can be held by as many people as want it, and therefore there is no time limit, although mod posts will be made every few months to check people who have claims still want them.
6. One theme per piece of work. The themes lists are here.
7. When you post something for a claim, please put the word "claim" in the subject line, again to help with my organisation.
8. To claim something, go to this post after reading through the rules. You can also drop claims or notify me that you've completed them here.
9. If you change your username part-way through a claim, nothing in the memories is changed, but any relevant tags are adjusted.

1. If you'd like to rec something to the community, that's great!
2. You can include more than one rec per post.
3. Please use the appropriate header to make it clear to us what's going on behind the link, but add something to make it clear who the author of the fanwork is.
4. Please add the word "rec" to the subject line, to help me in my organisation.

Header for Art

Challenge: "Something you would not normally draw"
Characters: Merriman, Arthur
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Notes: I decided to draw Merriman and Arthur because I've never tried drawing them before!

Header for Fic

Title: Right Here
Claim: Will/Bran
Themeset/Theme: Set IV, #5 Breakdown
Characters/Pairing: Will, Bran, Jane (Will/Bran, Bran/Jane)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Het, slash
Summary: Things haven't worked out between Bran and Jane.
Notes: I wanted to include Jane somewhere, so this is my attempt at that. :)

Note About The Memories
1. I try to put everything in the memories under appropriate categories, first whether they belong to a challenge or claim and then whether they're drabbles, ficlets, fics or multi-chapters, and then characters and pairings involved.
2. If many characters are involved, then I try to put them under groups of categories -- for example, a fic involving two or more of the Drews along with two other characters and a pairing in there somewhere would get put just under "the Drews", while a fic about Simon, Jane and Barney playing would go under the separate categories for each character.

Affiliates Policy
I will affiliate with anyone who will affiliate with us in return and have a short description of this community ("community for The Dark Is Rising fanworks" will do) beside the link. The affiliates list will live here and if you want to be on it, comment there or email me. The list also contains my other communities.

Posts in this journal are for the most part about fictional situations and are not intended to offend people, and nor are they intended to support or condone illegal and morally dubious activities.